Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Way-Too-Eventful Shower

This post is brought to you by 80 year old pipes in an 80 year old house, the number 4, and the letter F (shortly followed by U, C, and K).

There are many reasons why I don't like to take my shower during the day if the kiddo is home. If you have kids, then you can relate to at least part of this, if not all.

The first reason is that my son's memory isn't that great when it comes to one thing (and I swear it is the only thing): don't run water when mommy is in the shower! If you have an old house like I do, you can relate. Someone turns on cold water, you get blasted instantly with scalding hot water. Someone turns on hot water, it's like and instant deep freeze.

Another reason is the interruptions. I like my shower. It is truly the only quiet time I get in my day. I love it when I don't work because I can take the kiddo to school, put on a hat to walk him in, then come home and soak in my blissfully quiet shower.

Usually I don't have that many issues. Maybe an interruption, usually a cat meandering in, but it's pretty uneventful.

On this lovely Saturday morning this was not the case.

Before I even get in there is a knock at the door. The kiddo wanted to tell me the cats were outside the bathroom door. Oooookaaaay......

I get in. I hear: thud, thud, thud, thud, CRASH! I don't even want to know... Could be the cat being chased... Could be the kiddo running and then not being able to stop... There's no blood curling scream so I let it go.

Blinding pain! HOT WATER ALERT! He apparently flushed the toilet downstairs. Or it was a hot-flash. I'm going with the former considering my age.

I hear steps running full speed ahead up the stairs, down the hall, then back down. At this moment I am thankful the steps are carpeted and allow him to keep his footing at lightning pace.

Another crash.

Ascending steps... Knocking. He quickly said something that I could not quite make out. I think it was in kiddo-ese.

Cold-flash! Verification that at my age I am not just having hot or cold-flashes.

Some rattling, like things falling. Perhaps he's emptying the dishwasher? (I later discover this is the case and he knocked a bunch of things out of the cupboard. He empties, I fill).

Hot flash! This one was brief. He must be getting water for his 100th cup of hot chocolate today.

I get out.

Yes all of this happened in a span of about 20 minutes. No wonder I'm on a short trip to insanity!

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