Monday, January 28, 2013

Funny, Unique, and Simply Outrageous Things my Kiddo Does

After reflecting on a discussion I had with my son recently I realized he does some pretty funny things on a daily basis. They are all things he doesn't think much of but to the average person, would probably make them pause. (Though hopefully they don't stare for long.) I plan to list some here and perhaps expand on it as time goes on and other things pop up.

1. He purrs. Yes you read that correctly. When he's really happy, he purrs. This is a recent thing but has happened enough for me to actually have to stop and take note.

2. He uses his toes to help him keep track when working on math problems. The first time I saw the toe pop up I could not stop laughing!

3. Gives a running commentary on everything he does, including games he plays.

4. Wears goggles in the bathtub. A surefire way to keep mommy from taking pictures no doubt... :)

5. Writes me a note, every single night, after he goes to bed. Usually it's signed with lots of hearts too.

6. Writes his name in all capital letters. He didn't used to, but once he got his email address (specifically designed for kiddos his age, closely monitored/restricted, and linked to my email) he started doing it. Not sure why...

7. Sneaks into my room in the middle of the night to snuggle with me. He does love him some Mommy snuggles. Who am I kidding? I also love me some kiddo snuggles!

8. Rests his chin on L-shaped fingers when he's thinking about something. Which is really just so cute!

9. Every time he sees a Mario WII game he insists we have to get and play with R (my ex of many years who helped raise him and is the only 'dad' he knows).

10. Likewise, every Scooby Doo game he sees we have to get to share with Grandpa because Scooby Doo is Grandpa's favorite!

11. Ever since he was an infant he would tuck one hand under my arm and rest it in my arm pit, under my shirt. I asked him about it the other day. He said it was a calming thing. Fair enough.

12. He is obsessed with Super Mario. There is Mario stuff all over my house. Not to mention the 27 plush toys. Everything he does, draws, or thinks about will have some link to Mario.

13. He goes everywhere with me. Everywhere. He gets really upset if he finds out I went somewhere without him. He's gotten better about it over the years. Which is good, cause he really doesn't need to go to the ob/gyn!

14. He watches TV on the couch with the cushions fashioned as a tent. However, this only happens at Grandma's house. I'm ok with this. :)

15. He's as obsessed with spinny chairs on wheels as I am. Not only do you have to ride it across the room, but you have to spin while you are doing it also!

16. Whenever I am doing a show you can guarantee that at least once he'll be there for a rehearsal. You can also bet that at least once he will go up on that stage and start giving directions. I have a director in the making folks!

17. When visiting Grandma and Grandpa he sneaks next door to Great Grammy's house, sneaks in, helps himself to an apple, then sneaks out.

18. Also while visiting G&G, he'll sneak down to Great Grammy's, ring her doorbell and hide. Her only clue is the giggles from his hiding place.

19. He sleeps with his head under his pillow. Every. Single. Night.

20. Fills things up with water and hides them in the freezer, balloons, water bottles, volcanoes...

21. He makes me breakfast: frozen cheerios, microwave toast, and orange juice.

22. He makes cheese pie. It is horrific. :) One slice of bread, 5 or so slices of American cheese, microwaved. Yeah. The smell stays with you for days....

There are so many more! But we'll keep the list short. :)

This kiddo sure warms his mommy's heart! <3