Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Country Fair Employee...

Dear Country Fair Employee,

Thank you for what you did tonight. You did not know that my son was Autistic. You didn't know that he often appears to overreact to what seems like simple situations. You didn't know what could possibly have fueled his screaming panic all over the store. All you knew was that this 10 year old boy was missing a glove.

What you also didn't know, was that the glove was really his mommy's and he was borrowing them for his hands because he has sensory issues and can't wear his own. You didn't know that he is very protective of mommy's things and that he couldn't possibly accept losing her glove.

When you saw his distress you didn't judge, you didn't roll your eyes, you didn't even flinch. You simply dropped what you were doing, walked over to him, and offered to help find his missing glove. You did your best to keep him calm while his mommy finished the checkout. You walked around the store with him asking him about the glove and assuring him you two would find it before long.

You even found the glove and were rewarded with his beaming happy face. If his face wasn't enough, then surely his "thank-yous" were. Without even knowing my son has Autism, you simply reacted to a boy in distress, and immediately wanted to help. You gave him patience and understanding. Something we are not often met with at times like this.

When we got home my son commented on how "that 'county fair' employee helped" him out. He was so thrilled and awed by your kindness.

Thank you for helping him. And thank you for making this mommy thankful for people like you.

(Editor's note: For those of you unfamiliar with what a Country Fair is, it is a gas station and convenience store located where we live. The store was small so I was able to see my son's every move. It not only made it easy to note my son's distress, but also to see the employee's reactions and how helpful he was.)

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