Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to the circus!

Last Friday there was a circus. Well. Sort of. The Autistic support and life skills classrooms at the school have been working with the physical education teacher on different skills. You know, rope swinging, balance beams, hurtles, the like. They even prepared a couple of songs and dances!

One problem.

My kiddo goes to gym with his regular education class (he is the only one who does). He kept saying that he couldn't do the circus because he was too embarrassed. I kept telling him he would be ok but to no avail. As chance would have it I subbed at his school that morning. At some point in my morning I looked up to see one of his aides at the door. She said he was adamant that he was not going to do the circus and to find them before I left.

Oh boy.

So before I left (and about 2 hours to circus time) I went by his AS room and found him there on the computer. I asked him why he couldn't do the circus and he kept insisting that he would be embarrassed. I knew there had to be more to it because this kiddo is active and agile and he could do everything that they were going to demonstrate for us.

I thought for a moment. Then it hit me. They started rehearsing for the circus around the time of his surgery in November. He goes to class with his regular education classroom, not his AS room. AHA! So I asked him, "Is it because you didn't get to practice enough?"


Bingo! So we made a deal. I was going to come anyway "just in case" he changed his mind. When I got there I would sit right up front and he and his TSS would join me. He could skip the parade in and the little song and dance number (he's not a big dance-y kid anyway). But when it came time for the skills he would join his classmates.

This went somewhat successfully as he walked with clown feet, did a bean bag toss, swung on a rope, climbed some rope obstacle, and walked the balance beam. He skipped juggling, plate spinning, hurtle jumping, and scooters. Then he parked it right back beside me for the rest of the presentation.  And took pictures with my phone. Oh, the number of pictures he took!

As for the rest of the kiddos, they proudly completed their tasks while stimming, running lose, and screaming their little hearts out. I would say it was a day for all of us parents (and grandparents) to be extremely proud!

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