Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As I write this I sit sweltering in this lovely summer heat in my room. The temperature in here is a cool 88°F. I was about to go to sleep when I pictured my son laying in his bed, fully clothed, sweating. I moved his fan closer to his face and set it to be still so it would be consistent, not swivel. It made me think of his weird heat related quirks over the years.

As a toddler he would simply run around with a spray bottle and spray himself, and his frogs, in the face to keep cool. He would be in various stages of dress, be it a diaper or a onesie or even dressed completely. This seemed to work out well for him. He slept in a onesie or t-shirt in those days.
Once I graduated college and moved into my townhouse, well, I had ac. So for that year things were pretty smooth sailing and he slept in regular pjs. It was at this time he really began associating different articles of clothing for different occasions... This will come into play later.

When I bought my house things pretty much stayed the same. I did not run the ac unit much as it was pretty ineffective regardless of what I tried with it. Instead we got one of those little 18"x6' pools for him to splash around in. His nightly pj routine remained the same for about a year or two until....
One fateful night he spent the night with grandma and grandpa and noticed grandpa sleeping in his boxers or shorts or something (it's not like I see it). Oh what a great idea! Pjs were out, boxers were in. This may not seem like that big of a deal until you take one minor thing into consideration: on a hot night, if all you have on are boxers and you want to cool off more...? Sigh. So is born the nudist.

Thankfully that did not last horribly long as he got tired of me pinching at his butt cheeks. However, sleeping in his boxers would go to live on through the winter months (electric blankets are wonderful....) and continue through the next year. Any attempts to persuade him otherwise turned into an epic battle so mighty you would think I wanted to ban chicken nuggets for a year. So I chose my battle and let it go. Last year he decided he should wear pjs again once it got cold (thank goodness, who likes to be woken up at 3am by the feel of little ice cold feet in their side?) but I felt for sure the boxers would win out at bedtime as they have in years prior. Especially since he was so adamant that boxers were the only thing that 'men' slept in.


Here we are. My 9 year old sleeping fully dressed. Stubbornly refusing to sleep in his boxers. I can't even get him to at least take off his shirt. Or sleep in just shorts, no boxers. And no, trying to sneak his shirt off won't work either. Have you ever tried to pull clothing off a 70lbs, 46in tall, light sleeping monkey?

Funny thing is, he'll wake up in the morning, strip to his boxers, put on his robe, and go downstairs. After all, you can't wear clothes under your robe, and robes are for mornings.

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