Saturday, June 9, 2012

One of many like this that I will share....

These are rather funny, mostly because they are so true!

You know you have a child with autism when...

1. You get kicked out of church in the middle of mass because of random words being yelled by your child.
2. You find elation in achievements other parents take for granted.
3. When every TV and computer is playing "Thomas the train" all day...EVERYDAY!!!!
4. When hearing the words "Mommy I Love you," after 5 long years makes you sob like a baby.
5. You gain an incredible amount of patience - more than you ever thought was possible.
6. When your child draws a smiley face (that you weren't aware they could even do) on your wall IN MARKER and your friends can't understand why you’re not mad but instead celebrating the same way you did when they took their first steps.
7. You separate your laundry into lights, darks and purples because purple is her favorite color.
8. You're singing Christmas songs in June.
9. When you have grey hair way too soon!!!
10. You have a neat 'mess' (arranged toys, etc.) all over the floor that you have to step over!
11. They talk about themselves in the 3rd person and can say the same sentence 5 different times (that is totally unrelated to the situation) and you know the 5 different meanings even though the sentence is the same. Make sense? Lol!!!
12. When your child is out in the yard with his underwear on and you are thankful he at least has something on!
13. Your child tells you his brain is different because 'God" told him in his heart.
14. They can quote whole movies but can't tell you when they are sick.
15. When the holes in your walls were caused by your child's head during meltdowns.
16. When Billy Mays has been dead for a few years now and he can tell you all the ordering info, including phone numbers for the awesome auger, mighty putty, oxy clean and every product the man ever sold.
17. She relates people's houses with the snacks that they initially gave her and now she expects it when we visit or a meltdown will happen.
18. When your child has a Jekyll and Hyde personality and can switch in an instant!
19. You make the same breakfast every day.
20. When you know the rest of your life is going to be rougher than expected, but still wouldn’t change the child for the world (unless it would make THEIR life easier) cause the simple things bring you more joy than most parents will ever understand...
21. When your 8 yr. old can explain to you how to use a trajectory angle to make the ball go right where you want it to but he can't tie his shoes.
22. Your daughter at 16 yrs old is trying to teach her baby dolls to write hand over hand when even she can't write her own name.
23. You are standing in a puddle with your child to keep it company before it dries up and "dies."
24. When you thank the lord every day that you no longer have to change diapers.
25. When you tell your son you love him and he can't tell you back through voice but all you have to do is look into his big beautiful eyes and see the love shining through them♥
26. When you are in the grocery store and he is having an episode and some old bat looks at her husband and says "If people can't control their children better than that they shouldn't even have them" loud enough to be heard over his tantrum, and you walk up to her slide your shoes off, bend down pick them up, and them to her and say "When you have walked a mile in them get back with me!" and turn around and leave barefoot with a cart full of groceries still sitting in the isle.
27. When your friends and family want a 24 hr. notice even for a 5 minute visit to their home so they can put away ANYTHING that can be broken.
28. When you turn your back for 5 seconds to load the dishwasher and find your 3 year old with poo all over him, your computer, the desk, floor, etc.!
29. When you are the only parent not sitting down and visiting on the playground. You are chasing your child around not taking your eyes off of them for one second.
30. When you experience separation anxiety whenever their away from you because you know how much they need you.
31. When your ex-in-laws won't take both of your kids over the weekend because the autistic one is "just too hard". Wimps.
32. When feel the need to celebrate big because he just added a new item to his very short and selective “only food he will eat” list.
33. When to get a yes or no answer to a yes or no question, you have to end every yes or no question with "yes or no".
34. When using an expression like, "we'll just play it by ear", becomes a 30 minute exercise explaining what that really means, where the saying came from, and a realization of how silly some of the everyday expression we use really do sound.
35. When you think he is speaking gibberish at age three only to realize it is actually Klingon he is quoting from the first three minutes of a star trek movie of which that is the only three minutes he ever watches.
36. When you know more about Pokémon than you can remember from American history class in school.
37. When they refuse to eat the toast, as u cut it wrong or it’s on the wrong color plate.
38. When your son says school is boring, they don't even teach u how to kill dinosaurs!! And you smile and say I wish I lived in your world just for a little while and tears come to your eyes when the reply is come on in mum!!
39. When the child has better knowledge than you about what happen Wednesday 15 November 2006 at 10.25 am.
40. When you find every shoe in the house lined up from biggest to smallest.
41. When people look at you and wonder why you're so excited that your 4.5 year old just said a three word sentence!
42. When you relate to all of these LOL!!!

This list was compiled from responses given on the FaceBook page of Single Mothers who have Children with Autism.

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