Monday, June 10, 2013

Just A Day in the Life...

We had a pretty epic day last Saturday. It was just one of those days where the kiddo was himself in the truest form he could be. I'm still laughing about it.

Saturday mornings he plays baseball on his adapted team. This team is actually managed by a couple of friends of mine who have this amazing daughter with Down. She is seriously some awesome stuff, but I digress..... The league was actually thoughtful enough this year to schedule in games with other teams so the kids could actually play a true game (still no score/everybody bats/fields/ect). The kiddo has a real competitive streak in him. He knows how to play and wants everyone to be just as good. The team is a mix of kids from age 5 to 14. We have Autistic, Down Syndrome, MR, a couple I'm not 100% sure on, and even one awesome kiddo in wheelchair. There are about 18 total this year and all but 5 are new. As you know, the kiddo is Autistic and very capable and aware and has been playing for 5 years.

The game started, our kids were up at bat. My kiddo went first. He hit the ball on first pitch then proceeded to run all the bases, escaping the other team (all girls, about 11-12 yrs old), and screaming, "Take that you losers!" as he streaked on by.

Yep. He's my kid alright. :)

He came over, plopped down in his chair next to me and proceeded to chatter on about his hit, yelling at the girls, etc. He's so funny....

Then it was time for the to field. This is where things went a little.... Off? Wrong? Something?

He goes out and does what he usually does. Runs after the ball, takes it from his teammates and runs after whoever is running the bases. Sometimes they humor him (these girls did) sometimes they give him a run for his money (but my kiddo is pretty speedy). He will then hit them with the ball and tell them they are out. It's hilarious!

Not quite what happened for this game... It started off well. But as usual at some point his lesser abled teammates who are new to the game and don't really know how to play, started ticking him off. When a girl made it to base he'd get mad and throw the ball...

After the 2nd or 3rd ball bounce I called him over, told him to not throw the ball anymore, he walked away still rattling off something.... Next batter hit.... Makes it to base.... And his mitt goes flying and bounces off the dirt.

Sigh.... I should have been more specific.

I call him over, tell him to quit throwing things period or I'd pull him from the game (it actually isn't that unusual for me to toss his 80+ pound 4'7 frame over my should and take him off, keep in mind he's 3/4 my size....).

Next batter hits... He runs to get the ball... Hits the outfield and.... slips in the mud and falls. Now he's screaming even louder. He's frustrated and now he's dirty. He HATES being dirty. He starts yelling, "I QUIT, I QUIT!!!"

Then I hear.....


His one coach and I about split in half. It got reeeeeeeaaaaal quiet. She was standing right next to me and we just kind of looked at each other, hands over our mouths going, "Oh shit......."

Well, he's already walking towards me so I pull him off, sit him down, take the iPad, and tell him he can't say that. I get him somewhat calmed down while the game resumes.

I looked at the coach's dad, who was sitting next to us, and say how I have no idea where he got that word.... Coach's dad looks at me and goes, "Well, at least he used it appropriately."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I know, right? My kid knows what's up!

Ok, ok. Still not appropriate.... It's hard to yell at him when it's so funny, though. You know?

The kiddo never went back out to field but he did bat again. They only play two innings so the game only lasts about an hour.

On the way home he picked up the iPad and went to use it. I told him he couldn't have it.  This is the conversation that ensued:

K: Oh no.... I think I'm grounded off the iPad.
M: Yeah, yeah you are buddy.
K: Do I need to hit my head on the wall? (He's SIB.)
M: I wouldn't recommend it, you might get a headache.
K: But I apologized.
M: I know, and it's good that you did.
K: So why no iPad?
M: Because that wasn't good. Maybe after lunch.
K: After lunch?! (pause) I think I'm hungry for lunch now. Can I have it early? My stomach really needs some lunch now...

Always remorseful after the fact. Gotta love it!

The rest of the ride home was full of apologies, how he was really upset and couldn't help himself (I know, he really couldn't), and how was he ever going to survive without his iPad. I'm happy to report that he survived. He got it back after dinner before heading off to Grandma's for the night.

A day in the life of the kiddo. Never a dull moment!! ;)


  1. Out of the mouths of babes... You just gotta love when they out you and your own filthy mouth! If I had a nickel for every time Little Miss outed my language... Well... I definitely wouldn't be worried about those therapy bills anymore!

  2. Ha!!! I love it!! I'm not the only one!!! Buddy curses. a lot. Thanks YouTube (and mom)! So he gets punished. alot. And I agree with the coach's dad - at least he uses it appropriately...but yeah, not appropriate but oh so funny. Buddy has now started using the letter instead of saying the word. That's progress right?