Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Guest Post - The Toughest I've Ever Written

I was asked to write a piece as a guest post on the fantastic blog Find My Eyes. It was a very tough piece to write but one we feel needed to be written. For those of you not on FaceBook I felt I needed to link it here so that you could also view it. I was honored to write this piece for him and am grateful for the opportunity to bring this voice out.

He has been doing a fantastic thing this month where he has 30 days of guest blogs from fans, family, and fellow bloggers. It is a wonderful project that has brought out many great voices. I recommend that you go read some of these posts (as well as his other fabulous stuff!) and see what great things have been written in honor of our Autistic kiddos. (You can find his blog at the link above.)

Without further ado, I present his Find My Eyes FaceBook teaser and the link:
Today's post in the continuing Autism Awareness Month project comes from a blogger, Autism Mom Diaries. She bravely tackles one of the most stigmatizing aspects of raising our children... aggression.

What happens when he gets bigger than me?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this question. Go check out her page and give her a "like", it's very entertaining and informative. Tell her Find My Eyes sent you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present my friend, Autism Mom Diaries...

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